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: ♠♠Talking to the Boss

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    Jun 2012
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    ♠♠Talking to the Boss

    ♠♠Talking to the Boss♠♠

    Unless you are the owner of the company, you will have a boss. This lesson will cover all English you need to know to express what you want to say to your boss. This will include asking for feedback, explanation, showing frustration, asking for more work, and more.

    If you are doing a project and you want your manager to review it before submitting it, then you can ask the manager in several ways.

    "Did you want to review my project?"

    "I just completed the assignment. Did you want to review it?"
    . ɿ

    "This is my first project and I was wondering if you could review it real quick?"

    "I think I covered all the bases, but could you do a quick check."
    ʡ .

    If you are new at your job, then it is good to ask for feedback. This can be done when you complete a project or after several months on the job. Some companies have a process in place where you have a weekly one on one meeting with your manager. You can use this time to talk about your work and anything else on your mind. If you don't have a weekly meeting, then you might have to set up a time with your manager to discuss your progress.

    "Hi Roger, can we set up a time to discuss my progress so far?"

    "I was wondering if we can meet to discuss how I am doing."

    "Can I get some feedback on my performance?"

    "Where do you think I need to improve?"

    "What areas do you think I should work on?"

    Look and listen::
    Free ESL Business English Lesson - Talking to the Boss

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    thank you
    these words will benefit me in the future